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How Would You Like To Fulfill Every Single Earthly Desire You Could Ever Think Of?

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From: Chris D’Cruz
Date: 25 Apr 2018

Dear Friend,

I would like to congratulate you on having unlocked the secrets to unlimited power and sexual bliss.

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Understanding these godhood secrets will ensure you a life of perpetual riches, indomitable personal power, unending sexual pleasure, and immortal, perfect health.

I would like to introduce to you my second discovery of the Universe’s secrets, which I’ve put together into a package known as the Universal Life Secrets Platinum Edition.

These secrets were actually handed down to me by yet another Mystery Man, an associate of the professor who had unveiled the secrets to unlimited power.

The secrets that are about to be revealed to you are even MORE controversial than the first, because they literally grant you the ultimate power of godhood over your own life.

Short of being able to create life from nothing, you’ll have the power over every single aspect of your life... be it wealth, health, power, or sex.

But here’s the thing... having the mental power to achieve success in any endeavor you set out to do isn’t enough.

Success won’t always guarantee unlimited riches.

You’re about to discover the secrets to creating thousands of dollars every single month... without having to work 8, 12, or even 16 hour days.

Right now, if you’re holding a desk job you’re probably working 8 hour days, 5 days a week, only to have to wait for your salary to come in at the end of the month.

Until that meager monthly salary is deposited into your bank account, you’ll have to skimp and save on every single expenditure.

Can you imagine having large amounts of cash deposited into your bank account on a DAILY basis?

Can you imagine never having to wonder if you can afford that designer shoe in the storefront window, or that big screen High Definition television in that big brand electronics store?

You don’t have to imagine any of that, because once you’ve learned these secrets, you will have the skills to create for yourself an endless stream of wealth.

I’m going to be honest with you.

Before I discovered these wealth creation secrets, I wasn’t making an impressive income.

Even though I was more confident with my own abilities, even though I had gained considerable personal power and I was moving up the corporate ladder, I wasn’t earning all that much.

I was still tied down to a fixed monthly salary, and no matter how many hours I put into my job, I was still getting the same measly (compared to what I’m earning now) pay every month.

And then, Mystery Man #2 came by my office one day and introduced himself, referring to himself simply as “Bob”.

Now, “Bob” knew that I had something good going for myself since discovering the Universal Life Secrets, but he told me that things could be better.

Naturally I told him he was full of it.

How could anyone make $15,000 from home in just two weeks?

He made me a proposition: I had to quit my job right that instant, and I had to follow him to his office, where he would teach me everything I needed to know about making more money than I could dream about.

Now at this point, I was a little afraid that he was trying to get me into a shady deal, so I was reluctant to agree to his proposition.

I made a bunch of excuses about how I couldn’t quit my job right away, and that I would have to think about it.

After several long minutes he finally relented, handed me his name card, and asked me to give him a call when I was ready.

For 3 whole nights, I agonized over my decision.

The following Friday, I handed in my resignation letter, and called “Bob”.

Two weeks later, I made $15,500 working from home.

And no, not through some Get-Rich-Quick MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) scheme.

In mere minutes, you will have access to the same secrets that “Bob” revealed to me all those years ago.

You’ll have the ability to attract money everywhere you go, no matter who you meet... you might even get people to hand you cold hard cash out of the blue, simply by speaking to them!

You’ll learn the system that billionaires use to build their multi-billion dollar empires, and the skills required to generate massive income on a monthly (or even daily) basis.

Use your mastery of personal power to attain massive wealth!

Here are just some of the things you’ll discover with these Universal Wealth Creation Secrets:

The #1 Principle to making an easy fortune that 99% of the world is unaware of!

The secret to making guaranteed incomes upwards of tens of thousands of dollars every single month without having to lift a single finger!

Be a money magnet and attract a stream of cash from practically ANYWHERE you can think of! Have people literally throw money at you just to hear you speak!

The controversial system to creating a huge influx of cold, hard cash by simply sitting in front of your computer at home (this is NOT a get-rich-quick MLM scheme)

Achieve financial independence overnight with this little-known principle!

Learn how you can get started on making MILLIONS of dollars from the Internet! Build your Internet empire from the ground up in just a week!

Discover the one trap that aspiring billionaires often fall into! Learn how to avoid a catastrophic financial disaster when starting out with your own business empire!

The step-by-step guide on how to convert your newfound personal power for success into an incredible source of wealth using a never-before-revealed shortcut!

Here’s a “cheat sheet” to multiplying your daily income by tenfold! I’ll show you a top secret resource you can tap into to EXPLODE your income in just a few hours!

The one insider (almost illegal) secret to investing that you absolutely MUST know if you want to build a multi-billion dollar financial empire of your own!

Think it’s impossible to make $100,000 in 3 weeks? Think again! Apply these underground techniques and you’ll start making 6-figure income within a month!

Learn the 3 basic factors to wealth creation that will have you hitting the jackpot in every single business endeavor!

Go BEYOND the successes of Donald Trump and Richard Branson combined! Attain a billionaire’s mindset that will get you building multi-billion dollar business empires overnight!

Make a financial killing with these 10 must-know, secret principles that can get your clients opening their wallets wide open or even handing you blank cheques!

PLUS! Priceless secrets to a life of endless wealth, luxury, and prosperity!


And that’s just SOME of the secrets to attaining unlimited wealth.

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In the Platinum edition of Universal Life Secrets, you stand to gain the controversial truth to transcending beyond the human consciousness and limitations that hold you back from achieving your fullest potential in life.

The additional compendium that you’re about to receive will reveal EVEN MORE secrets to attaining greater personal power, greater sexual prowess, and unbeatable super health that will practically make you immortal.

You’ve seen a glimpse of the wealth creation secrets you’ll get.

Learn the truth behind the relationship between your thoughts and your reality (and how you can shape both to your unlimited benefit!)

The secrets to manifesting ANY dream into reality... no matter how ambitious or unbelievable your dream might be!

How to distract yourself from all the negative thoughts and suggestions that cause some of your problems in the first place (negative thought are bound to pop up sometimes, that’s why it’s important to know how to avoid them)

Discover the remarkable ways to reach phenomenal levels of success by simply changing the way you think!

How to focus your energies correctly to be in tune with the Universe so you channel only positive outcomes into your life

The one Universal force you MUST apply to your life if you want to manifest your dreams into reality

Here’s the little-known, highly guarded secret to manipulating the Universe’s forces to your favor (this technique is so controversial that many have deemed it unethical for any single person to know!)

Attain omnipotence over anyone and everyone you come into contact with! Know what they’re thinking before they can even tell you!

How you can build your confidence with the use of affirmation (this is one of the simplest ways to get rid of your nervous behavior around women)

A tiny little trick for preparing your lips for a kiss that will make for a MUCH better experience!

10 ground-breakers for flirting like a seasoned professional (you’ll be going home with a bus load of hot, gorgeous women just begging to be with you after mastering these secrets!)

A little-used method for creating a regular, intimate, and romantic time for you and your partner that will make your relationship sizzle!

Incredibly controversial sex techniques that will have ANY woman addicted to you! They’ll hunt you down demanding you give them unadulterated sexual pleasure every single night!

Experience a life of unshakable confidence and self-esteem, unlimited riches, and torrid passionate love!

Here’s the one secret to immortal health that will grant you immunity against practically ANY disease (master this secret well and you might even stop aging in its tracks!)

The simple science of losing weight explained (it’s so simple you’d wonder why you hadn’t thought of it before!)

Learn all about the truth of the secret, missing ingredient that serves as the basis for the legendary fountain of youth!

Discover the 12 types of alternative medicine that may be just what you were looking for in your quest for “immortal” health!

The 8 MUST KNOW categories of balance in your life... and the step-by-step blueprint on how to keep them all satisfied

The ultimate power of godhood lies deep within you... I’ll show you a simple way you can access this raw, unfiltered power with a single thought!

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That’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many other secrets within the Platinum Edition of Universal Life Secrets, that it will simply take too much time and space to list them out!

The best thing about these secrets is that the knowledge within this Platinum compendium is delivered in such a way that it’s so easy to absorb.

All you need to do is to sit back with your favorite beverage, and within hours you’ll have absorbed these secrets into your mind, assimilating the secrets with what you already know.

Once this secret knowledge of the Universe seeps into your subconscious, you will feel invincible. You will feel as though there is nothing in life you cannot achieve, and you will finally become the person you were always meant to be.

And they can all be yours if you take action now.

Just like my two Mystery Men have done, I’m making these secrets available to valued members of Universal Life Secrets only.

The reasoning for this is simply that without the foundation knowledge of the Universal Life Secrets, you will not understand these considerably more advanced secrets to life and how you can make the universal forces work for you.

Plus, you DESERVE to know the rest of the secrets that will complete your transformation into an enlightened entity who is one with the entire Universe.

You deserve full control over your own life, in every aspect imaginable, be it wealth, health, power, or sex, because it’s YOUR life.

Together, these secrets are valued at over $5,000.

If you’ve seen some of the seminars out there that make the same promise, you’ll realize that they’re charging exorbitant amounts of money (over $5,000 for a 3-day seminar). But chances are, once you’ve attended these seminars, you’ll discover that you’ve spent all that money for nothing.

But I’ve said it before, I want to be your Mystery Man and help you achieve the same success I’ve been blessed with after uncovering these Universal Life Secrets, so I’m not going to make you break the bank.

If you take action now, these controversial secrets of the Universe can be yours for just...

That’s right.

The secret to attaining godhood over your own life can be yours for a mere $1.00.

Try these Universal Life Secrets for a full 60 days.

You can choose to download all or some of the files. Read the given material on your computer, print them out, whatever it takes for you to absorb the secrets, do it.

Apply the system revealed to you in your daily life, and any time within those 60 days you feel unsatisfied with what you’ve been given, then just send me an email and I’ll return every single penny of your investment back to you. No questions asked.

If these secrets don’t shock you with how effective they are, if none of them work for you... if I can’t change your life by empowering you with these secrets, then I don’t deserve a penny from you.

Don’t you want the ability to manipulate the forces of the Universe in your favor?

Don’t you want to live a life of perpetual luxury and wealth, limitless personal power, unadulterated sexual pleasure, and immortal perfect health?

If you’re tired of never getting anywhere in your life, if you’ve always wanted to become something more than what you already are, take action now, before these forbidden secrets are forcibly removed forever.

Change your life, now.

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Regular Price: $297 Today: $1.00
(Only 200, 114, 62, Sets Left...)

(I reserve the right to end this offer at anytime without warning.)


To Your Success,

Chris D’Cruz
Keeper of the Universal Life Secrets

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